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About us

Viridity (Pty) Ltd is a BEE company striving to offer less toxic earth and people friendly digital print products in a print shop where carbon foot print and wastage are constantly monitored. In an extremely competitive industry we offer 12 years of digital print experience and a highly qualified application team with a personal promise to deliver your work on time, every time.

Printer, media and ink manufacturers are all in the process of improving products for the industry and Viridity is actively searching out these manufacturers to ensure that we offer products that can often be re-used, recycled or re-purposed, not only trying to be "green" but saving money for your company.

Our staff are our main assets and by using people friendly inks we lessen the risk of health related issues for all, we ensure that the inks used have fewer VOC's (volatile organic compounds) than some of the cheaper print on offer out in the market place which can often be identified by a strong solvent smell even after the product has been delivered to you. Our BEE policy ensures that our partners bring experience to the company with the final goal to be a completely BEE owned company with the current staff having full ownership.

As digital print is often used for short run, short term marketing which will more than likely be changed out as campaigns come to an end it is creating large amounts of waste with some of the PVC products going into landfills which may never break down, Viridity is striving to lessen this and would like to offer you alternative solutions and products wherever possible so that together we will all be able to create a more sustainable earth..

About Visia


We offer high resolution, high quality digital printing up to a width of 1600mm and smaller print and cut facilities for kiss cut stickers and standard vinyl cut signage. Printing onto numerous substrates, we can often offer you a print that will fit into your budget.

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